Monday, September 22, 2014

happy tree sunday

another not-great night.

lucid dreaming: shopping with mom, it's crowded and she cuts through everyone in front of me and disappears, i go the wrong way and she finds me and sends me on a mission. having to go around the giant building to check bags and it's a huge complex filled with odd stores and with a definite feeling of abandonment. i can't find helpful signs. my phone is in the trunk of the car and i'm stuck, "like when you're dreaming" i think to myself
and i lose my shopping cart after leaving it to explore for a minute. i search for it eventually finding that the ground's sloped and it's rolled over a ledge and fallen to the floor below, landing  upside down on its contents (including a pizza box).
i eventually give up and trying running back around, cursing loudly and inappropriately as i'm acutely aware of a woman and her small boy as i pass them.
there's a road i need to follow, i remember it from the way there, a bit steep and covered in loose gravel so i launch myself and surf the loose stones until i arrive at a giant red-painted wooden building that i need to climb - the wood pokes out in an interesting design and i climb really quickly, practically running up the side until i get stuck halfway. i manage to ignore my fear of heights and realize that the wood is special, my shoes have a great grip, and i just manage to pull myself over a tricky bit and i'm standing on the ledge of someone's balcony, there's an unstable cupboard with a couple of artifacts in it that i meed to transfer my weight correctly into. "i can do that", i step gingerly in, one foot then the other, placing them carefully. the cupboard begins to tip towards to edge but i manage to stabilize just in time. no time to breathe, i make a bit of noise as i step out and think that nobody who lives this high up would be worried about burglars. i turn to face the door and there's a cat quietly staring at me... and behind the cat a fairly large black dog lying on his belly, kind of like a german shepherd and with a marvellous underbite exposing his tongue and most of his lower teeth. i hold out my palm in friendship and he allows me to pet him before i wake up.

a good morning, slow, finishing signal to noise and blown away by it
so much warmer outside
midi 6 lunch
home for yoga mats in the rain
centre du rasoir disappointment but finding what i wanted at winners
happy tree yoga great, headstand(s) surprise and three month contracts

p.m. awesome, yeh! awesome

doggy bag made a homeless man's night for only the second time even though that's the main reason i take it every time

drama in three parts: happy tree friends / dryer / android google password ui blunder

the rest of solomon kane, good fun but that's as far as it goes

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