Saturday, September 20, 2014

gearing up for winter


previous night blowing off the religious south african - how does he not know where namur is?
SxS chat, change in the wind

another stunning bright crisp morning
awkward boss quarterly speech
ams success
weird man in the kitchen being awkwardly friendly who was hired by my manager

plamondon mission

buying mezuzot in montreal is a curious mix of french, english, hebrew and yiddish. that's one way to spend a lunch break on a peaceful friday afternoon...

ams mp4 format confusion and useless logging wasted a lot of time

rls again

delayed satisfaction, pleased manager and stepping out early into a beautiful, fresh "it's the weekend!" sensation

mama ramen find, worrying about lip balm with colour when it's fine

another case solved, *then* shopping
picturesque but posting on instagram only not facebook


pizza! and steamed veggies

jim jeffries bare


not a good night, just kind of okay

lying in until the last minute
danny gilboa's hayom shehaosher yagia in my head
writing this while stepping off the curb - jarring and embarrassing

not as embarrassing as losing my cool with rabbit... who was badgering me :P

ffix time

snowboard bag blues:

the excitement for finally buying my board (and boots) is only dampened by the ugly plastic snapping sound of "i should've just carried my frickin' board in my hands" instead of using my bag. because now i have a bag in need of fixing and i'm carrying everything anyway.

at least they're throwing in a service. and *damn* that was a fast service!


oh, and the sudden metro heat when my blood was already boiling didn't help

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