Monday, September 15, 2014

first proper sunday in a while

actually getting shit done
password policy preaching:

i'm campaigning. i've started sending the following email to the services that i use, in the vain hope that *someone* will listen...


I'm concerned by your website's password policy. It does not allow me to use a secure password and instead I have been forced to resort to a weak one.

I would be very grateful if whoever is responsible for your website's security policy would consider updating it.

For reference:

Thank you

making progress with gd and my comic website
museum mission - finally using the mccord tickets i won and enjoying it thoroughly
big bank minus surprise: my pre-authorized visa payments just minused me painfully

miso soup and snowboard planning at miso - gd masochist wasabi

iga disappointment repetition

evening relaxed doing small things

watching more of the walking dead

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