Sunday, August 10, 2014

not so much resting or relaxing - part i

we just got back from watching lucy in imax. first: i will remember not to book seats just behind the central walkway, there's a rail behind the seats in front which cuts off the bottom of the screen. and it's a movie with subtitles, so we had to sit in a specific way the entire time. second: i can ignore the outdated premise of the mysteries of brain efficiency the same way i can suspend disbelief for the hulk or spiderman. third: PHENOMENALLY fun film! excellent execution. just excellent :)


and now let's go back in time a little...


thursday 31st:

hurrying to leave and instead getting caught up in a discussion about the nature of reality, truth / fact differentiation, how discourse interferes with communication and why science is necessary and good and the difference between good and bad science and good and bad scientists. the final examples included the use of placebo by trained medical practitioners versus the dangers of homeopathy.


moment that defined the day: this time it's the shoelace that comes loose when your hands are full and the wind starts driving cold rain into you


i developed a debugging stare, and very dry eyes from it. at some point big junior messaged me to inform me that friday mornings are bacon breakfast days, and he expressed interest in my veganism so he joined me as i grabbed a cup of coffee and i told him why and how i became vegan; he seemed to appreciate the idea and asked me for my training diet. i wonder if he'll try something.

i went to my apartment to take my keys, the tenants were really nice and everything was fantastic except for the bathroom. there were black marks on the toilet and sink and the former wouldn't flush properly; not good when i needed to give it to the next tenant the following day. fortunately the building manager took care of everything super-fast.

it bothers me that i changed the address for my wired subscription a while ago but they're still delivering it there :/

i left work at 7pm but only had 6.5 hours logged. gd and i enjoyed a lazy evening and went to p.m.: we ate far too much and still managed to waddle over to yeh! for dessert :$

i managed to get to bed early.

friday 1st:

so it turned out that the muscle spasm from the morning before was my body's stupid way of protecting me from that damned pinched nerve again. i figured that out because my muscles had relaxed enough for my nerve to start pinching.

i updated my resume to resend it to a family friend. that took a while. at this point i'm so committed to my new employer that anything that comes out of this will be way down the line, but he's doing me a favour and i won't be impolite. who knows? maybe they'll be happy to wait.

it was a hurried and surprised "is it friday?!" and we were out of almond milk, so breakfast wasn't so great. i spent my morning listening to keny arkana (brilliant).

during the day i negotiated the price for my mouthguard. the guy who wanted it was a complete asshole from the get-go and i was entirely unsympathetic.


the two week review: smashing! they like me, i like them, and in particular big junior gave a good report on me when both our manager and i had been concerned that he'd see me as competition.

it has been suggested that i be a little more cautious with my interference. i need to stop giving people the impression that my suggestions require immediate action.


i spent the afternoon becoming an expert in ffmpeg-foo. i was so deep into my debugging that i almost missed the apartment handover!

on my way out i was acutely aware of the bright sun on my neck - a week before laser hair removal, and no sunscreen? not so smart.

the handover was a pleasure. august down, september and october to go.


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