Thursday, July 31, 2014

thursday already? part thursday morning

[... continued]


i called up my credit card company to switch to a plan that will give me air miles. it was a long call and involved two "please listen to this recorded voice reading off our terms and conditions in a bored voice"s, and just as we were finishing up and consenting she stopped being able to hear me. i stormed up and down the apartment fretting that i'd have to go through all that again, and after about a minute the connection improved and we were able to complete the call. whew!

on my way out i tried moving some of my music to my iphone, but it refused to sync. that's annoying. another paycheck or two and i think i'm going to pick myself up a newer model.

my morning was dedicated to finishing the build script and i was successful; i took lunch reading daniel burnstein - introduction to quantum-geometry dynamics; i'm only reading a little at a time and i already see what's getting so many people excited!

the moment that i got my build up and running, i excitedly jumped up and looked across to big junior, who had his back to me and was wearing headphones. i should have gone over there, but instead i called out his name. unintentionally loudly, in an otherwise silent open-plan office. the effect was dramatic, extremely embarrassing and i won't be making that mistake ever again :$

the rest of the afternoon saw me combining studying the system and fixing it, breaking only for an emergency junk-food run to the nearby walmart. i've learned a lot about the practical details of streaming video and audio and the limitations of html5 and mobile devices...

boxing was good, but i was most upset to find that i'd left my hand-wraps at home on a particularly sweaty day. i came home feeling good but was too tired to make proper dinner, so i ate badly and posted and crashed.

i just got up from epic dreams in sepia in an old muscle car, then climbing old stairwells on rollerblades; it was a dream with lots of threads and i woke up with almost nothing but a fallout sensation. i was feeling good, right until i was about to leave the bedroom - i was standing, relaxed, when suddenly a muscle in the middle of my back (the one that pinched my nerve a few months back) spasmed and with horror i felt a chain reaction up to my shoulder. i've stretched a bit and been subjected to a simultaneous massage and lecture about not hydrating enough, and i'm praying that it's not going to mess up my day.

i REALLY don't want to miss training tonight. i'm finally back in action! don't do this, body. please.

what's in a name? rather a lot, apparently.

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