Friday, July 11, 2014

media frenzy

apparently everyone's having a field day with operation protective edge, decrying the number of palestinian casualties.

let's be clear, deaths on either side should be condemned. but focus on the true cause of those deaths is important, and if the israeli forces are calling the civilians surrounding military targets to evacuate and those civilians are not only remaining in danger but calling their friends and neighbours over, then hamas leaders who call for that behaviour need to be condemned. the practice of using human shields to protect terrorist infrastructure is not new, and is not surprising.

i've seen far too much "pallywood" today. at least cnn's not completely falling for it.
but hitler being correct tells us that israel's going to lose, whatever happens. outside of israel, there really aren't a lot of voices that *aren't* perpetuating the myths that israel's an evil entity.

one should bear in mind that when israel is referred to as the "occupier" and "oppressor", that's got nothing to do with the palestinian controlled territories. what being said is that israel does not have the right to exist, and that jews are not welcome in the middle east. all of the action is currently taking place in areas where there is no israeli presence whatsoever and the terms are used in an attempt to instigate all-out war and the end of the jews in the region.

have you seen the shoot the jews video? these are the people running the show at the moment. let's just say that integrity and human rights aren't at the top of their list of priorities.


most international media organizations have fallen for the terrorist propaganda hook, line and sinker and one can't expect ordinary people to react in any other way. all one can do is talk, show evidence and hope that there'll be ears willing to listen to reason.

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