Monday, July 07, 2014


oh, man. i've kept my mouth shut and apolitical about israel for a while now, and while i've watched with horror and sadness as the story of the three teenagers unfolded i've kept my thoughts to myself. i have to say something today, though, because everywhere i look the teenage palestinian victim is on the news and the world is outraged. i'm really sorry about him, and upset and angry and frustrated about what happened, but where was the media concern about the israeli kids? they didn't even warrant a spot on a ticker.

and now gd's feed is filled with anti-israeli propaganda, because it's a wagon everyone loves jumping on blindly :(

at least there's some positivity amidst the horror: the families of the victims have turned to each other for support. it would be nice if everyone could deal with things like these people. here's hoping their way succeeds, i think this is something worth fasting for.

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