Sunday, July 13, 2014

in a pinch

my back's being indecisive. pinched nerve or strained muscles?

yesterday was a strange day. i got some cool stuff done, and i studies a lot of things that i don't have context for. in between:

i read this month's wired's the code article: how to not be a jerk in the digital age. it's an absolute must-read.

i've played a bit of shadowrun online, which is just the right amount of challenging and the latest fixes make it a lot more fun.

i've had pleasant drinks with kgb and his girlfriend, and i'm guessing by the next time i see them they'll be parents.

gd and i started watching hick last night, continued this morning and we've still got about half an hour to go. it's a wonderful, wonderful film, dark and funny and beautifully made.

i'm sitting in a corner as far from the lounge as possible because gd's giving a haircut and we haven't set up a sound system in her "salon" yet so the volume there's on max. i've been feeling super-awkward since yesterday. at least the weather's perfectly depressing, it's like the universe wants me to keep to myself for a bit.

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