Wednesday, July 02, 2014


after months of fighting with the israeli tax authority, and being threatened with an insane fine (something like NIS 20000) in spite of the fact that *they* owed *me* money, the accountant finally managed to get the fine dropped and they're depositing NIS 1735 into my account.

accountant's fees: NIS 1770.

how very convenient.


on the way in to see maleficent i managed to offend gd, and on the way out we had a fight that escalated to serious trouble. we kind of resolved it before bed - kind of - and although i woke up feeling really shitty about everything things went back to normal (really good) fairly quickly. what followed was a great day, but in the afternoon the previous night's fight started anew and became even worse. when we finally reached a conclusion everything was clear and good, but we'd both had a rough time of things. as i'm writing this i'm thinking of how i don't really mention all the good stuff here, which might be presenting a rather negative slant to our relationship...

the truth is that neither of us have ever been in such a good space, such a healthy space, and as scary as our fights can be we always end up on the same side once they're over. and now that we've properly moved in together, things feel a little more under control and sensible, even if our home looks like a tornado struck.

maleficent is magnificent. it's beautifully produced, and the little twists were very sweet. gd had reservations about angelina jolie playing the part but she really performed excellently, and i guess we're going to see it again when it comes to netflix.

summer is here in the worst way, we're sweating when we sleep and everything's uncomfortably humid and hot. the swimming pool next door is certainly making that easier to deal with, but i'm *praying* that i'll soon be employed and unhappily wearing uncool clothing to work!

speaking of which, my plan for today is to call my future boss to see what's happening, but i can't do that until i've worked through the list of technologies he wants me to be familiar with... so that's today's mission.

yesterday was consumed by a little studying, some serious tidying, watching bill burr: you people are all the same again and really enjoying it, swimming a little and even diving a few times when a kid whose hair gd cuts wanted someone to join him :)

the cloudy weather made the pool experience a little weird, the suddenly sore neck made it a bit uncomfortable. gd and i went straight from there to her gym, where we did a little conditioning and i taught her some boxing. she learns *really* fast, in spite of our training session being the cause of world war iii.


we made an incredible salad last night! it's like each one is somehow better than the last, and i've absolutely no clue what's changing :P

i woke up this morning for breakfast (coffee and awesome vanilla-progressive-peanut-butter-banana-almond-milk shake) with gd, and played a lot of tekken while she got ready for work. now i'm tekkened out, and ready to study a little. after i do the dishes and run a load of laundry, perhaps. it's really hard to focus with all these boxes and unsorted clothes lying around.

three israeli teenagers murdered. one palestinian murdered. a video of hamas children's programming wherein little kids talk about growing up to shoot all the jews. i don't have anything to say on the matter, i'm just sad and disappointed and pessimistic.

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