Tuesday, April 01, 2014

ups and downs

another day is done. i actually got a bit of interview preparation done, and received a healthy dose of reality check from nystire as well as a document that would be awesome if i didn't keep having to look up crypto logic and get stuck in chains of wikipedia lookups in order to get through it. some of those articles are written by people who really don't give a crap if what they're writing is understandable without at least a university course or two...

i didn't mention that this morning started with my nose and sinuses being all unhappy again; i handled boxing in spite of it but it was frustrating.

appointments made: i have a date tomorrow afternoon, and a telephone interview later in the week for a company that's just opened offices here (it's good to have friends looking for recruiting bonuses!).

enemies made: someone on quora has been opportunistically pushing their crazy sonnet interpretation on a number of threads as authoritative. i've been downvoting and explaining that that's not cool. gods, i really need to get my own work out the door! this is all very frustrating.

gaming: it's a shame that shadowrun online has opened for beta on a monday. seriously! i had to hold off until dinnertime for a proper excuse to play. so far... it's looking really, really nice :)

boxing: i have robo-mojo. the instructor gave us an exercise and told us to do it without speed or power.
"totalwaste! what did i *just* tell you?!"
"no speed, no power. i heard you!"
"oh, i forget. robocop does *everything* full power. whatever."
*shaking his head and mumbling under his breath while hiding a smile* "that fucking guy..."

when we got to impact the guy i was partnered with was hitting me pretty hard, but not in the right places. i explained to him how to strike the liver, and i almost regretted explaining it so well... just then, our kickboxing coach came in (he's recovering from knee surgery) and wanted a go. i was all "oh, shit..." and we were both surprised when he hit me so hard the other guys jumped and i managed to stay standing. hurt, but still standing! he tried another time, with the same result. this year has definitely changed me ^_^

i'm well pleased with myself for finishing strong. it was tougher with my half-assed lungs.


it's been a good evening, and it's late now so i'm off to bed. quite sad, though, because frankie knuckles is dead. rip, dude, you made a proper dent in the universe.

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