Monday, April 07, 2014

nerves are stupid

i went out last night to starbucks, and it's good that it was really just an excuse to walk outside because they'd run out of soya. i was rather disappointed.

i came straight home, tried to get some studying done but decided that my time would be better spent in bed getting a good night's rest. i read somewhere that that's a thing. so i went to sleep super-early.

i woke up this morning to facebook not letting me in, then making me feel like they were disabling my account because someone that i know rejected a friend request. i've accumulated a fair number of pending friend requests so i've no clue who it could be, but either way i was offended and the "we're grateful that you're part of the facebook community" message after the ordeal felt patronizing and empty.


after two weeks of waiting and preparing, i went to the interview. the office tour was impressive, it's a really sweet place to work!

the first interview: i was nervous, and that made me silly. i did do what was required, but a couple of the theoretical questions really threw me and made me feel as stupid as i thought i sounded. i also wasn't sure of myself because i'm not experienced with using threads in java, so while i got it right at the end i didn't exactly exude confidence...

the second interview: i was worried when he began writing a c++ brain-teaser on the board because i'd elected and prepared for java and felt as if mentioning my c experience was shooting myself in the foot. but i *do* know what i'm doing with the c family and i proved myself quickly, which set the tone and i was considerably more relaxed for the rest of the time. i did what needed doing and i think he was pleased, although there was an analysis question that he asked that i knew the answer to but felt uncomfortable about; that wouldn't worry me except that after i'd agreed with him he continued to explain his logic as if i hadn't *got* it, which i had.

anyway, overall it felt good and i'm hoping that they'll invite me back for the rest of the interviews. i'll know in a few days.


as i walked out the offices i received an email informing me that my french results certificate was available, so i went to pick it up. i got an opportunity to ask someone about the re-test i've registered for, and was pleased to discover that i was right, that i'll only have to interface with a computer next time. awesome :)

i had a quick lunch and came home, just in time to receive registered mail from tel aviv university with my grades in english. i don't want to know what i'd have had to do had i not been home!

it's definitely spring. no need for sweaters today. i hope, i really hope that there'll be acceptable snow conditions this week!

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