Friday, April 11, 2014

light stepping - step ii


kickboxing: one beginner (why was he in the advanced class?) and a spanish dude, both of whom are training to fight. the jolly moroccan invented a new set of gruelling exercises and i was most pleased to find myself the only one totally handling everything :)
in spite of my butt. and my back that's still not 100%.

when i got home i sent the jolly moroccan photos of all the foodstuffs i have and an explanation of my routine. he's decided to try vegan but i had to explain to him that just cutting out non-vegan foods is NOT healthy. we'll see how he handles my lazy take on things.

i ate a delicious salad (the medium-firm tofu is still excitingly good in my salads) while finishing antz (ugh. it's not a great film). while preparing dinner i watched katt williams: kattpacalypse and sleepwalk with me. the former is amusing but i really don't appreciate what he's saying to the point where i simply had to stop watching. the latter? i don't know. it's not as funny as i was expecting. it's not really funny at all.

i woke up in the middle of the night having wrenched my finally-healing back muscles again, and proceeded to spend the rest of it miserably uncomfortable. my butt's still aching, too. this sucks.


right. good coffee? check. internet random? check. posting? check. now for lunch, and to get serious for the rest of the day. there's a horse i need to get back on.

another reason to like the french: they regulate after-hours electronic harassment. i don't know if they're doing it right, but they've definitely got their attitude sorted out!
an article on how we're waking up wrong adds a good argument for it, too.


most free-to-play games are done wrong. here's how to do it right!

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