Wednesday, April 23, 2014

just another manic monday

sunday evening:

the time spent posting flew by, i was shocked to discover that it was 9.30pm and i hadn't prepared dinner yet! and of course, preparing food when in a hurry took longer than usual...

... between my salad and indian leftovers, i ate so much that my body pressed me into an early night.


a while ago a girl from the french class contacted me and asked if i'd be interested in going to a meet 'n greet for the big financial firm she works for, as they hadn't responded to my job applications and she figured it'd be an excellent opportunity for me to put my resume in the right hands. she promised to send me a formal invitation so i forgot about it, and yesterday morning she phoned me to ask if i was still interested. it just so happens that it's precisely between the thursday afternoon's stupidly exciting aerospace job interview and friday morning's french exam, but i asked her to send me the forgotten invitation and told i'd let her know.

still no invitation. that's pretty annoying.


rabbit sent me a message informing me that she'd taken the aspie quiz... and is officially an aspie. feeling like i'd done something positive, i shared the news with gd. so *she* took the test. the test took forever because every second question turned into a discussion, but eventually she got through it.

"$#@% YOU!" she shouted at the screen, "NEUROTYPICAL MY ASS!"


a friend of gd's came over for a haircut and we got along almost as well as her friend from the previous morning. this one teaches tai chi, though, and was excited to learn about my muay-thai / taekwondo experience and wants to trade lessons. sweet! i'm really liking this whole "barter" community :)

we had lunch at sandwicherie st henri, the vegan option was great and we had a really interesting conversation that ranged from crazy dreams to epic sci-fi. we also had an uncomfortable moment, but it was resolved before it could become an issue and what was interesting was the way it came up and the way in which it was resolved. we have this communication thing down, and we're so much on the same level it's a bit surreal.

on the way back i learned the story that had introduced gd to pulse: garbage bag fines. some idiot in her building keeps putting out his garbage after the truck's passed, and the authorities have decided that gd's apartment is the easiest to fine. if she goes to court to contest this there's a good chance that the judge will reject her appeal and that the fine will be increased. wtf?!

anyway, i've encouraged her to take action by alternative means and today she took the first steps.


our post-lunch nap was one of the greatest i've ever had, even though i learned that in addition to snoring (aargh!) i also twitch a lot, and not just as i fall asleep. gd informed me of this as i responded to a between-states dream in which a volleyball was launched past me and i dove backwards to reach it...


[tears of relief]


i returned home in tool / a perfect circle mode, a mode i haven't been in in a long time. it's still going, so strongly that i haven't been able to keep myself from humming when outside and singing along with abandon in private.

i chatted with my mum quickly before training, and was most amused by her (granted, predictable) response to hearing that gd has a facial tattoo. and then that she has most of her back covered. i probably should have mentioned that she's considering chest ink and that i've convinced her to try it out with a temporary tat (printed or henna) first... the context of the conversation with my mother was my wondering out loud which buttons of uncle hate she'll press if and when we're invited to godmother's :P


muay thai yesterday was AWESOME. the guy taking the class has just returned from a year in thailand and the exercises were all properly hard and interesting, and to make it even better i was partnered with one of the taekwondo guys and we had a couple of rounds of free kicking with thai pads so we not only worked on roundhouses and push kicks but on doubles (low / high), side kicks and outside / insides as well. we worked really hard, had a lot of fun and attracted a small group of impressed spectators :)

after the class mti and i went to the starbucks to work on the comics. we were both disappointed, first by the lack of soy milk (again?!) and then by the lack of seating, but the latter resolved itself quickly enough. the evening was productive and exciting, we appear to be on the same page (although i always get that impression...) but she's totally professional and that has to make a difference!

i got home late, worked on a few job hunting emails and then returned to gd's.


in the middle of the night, as we prepared to go to bed, gd's phone went missing. i called it to hunt it down, and after finding it accidentally redialed the recruiter for the aerospace job, only realizing that my phone was calling after it had rung a few times. AAAAARGH!!!

gd laughed hysterically at my panic and my response to it, i sent him an apology by email and hoped this wouldn't upset him...


we enjoyed another wonderful, slow morning, made even better when gd's taxi didn't show up and she called her work to let them know she'd be a little late. they told her she could take the day off, and so we went to the hospital together. i was going for blood tests, she went to pay her mother a visit (she's being kept for testing for something). she asked me if i was okay with meeting her mom, and i told her i was up for it.

we seem to have gotten off on the right foot, her mom and i :) the mixture of french and english wasn't a problem, and it's actually the best practice for friday's exam that i've had in weeks!

at one point she made a comment about how strong i look. "i train five days a week," i said, and she switched to french to tell us that she'd be requiring my services because she's moving house soon. gd and i laughed, and i reassured her that it would be a pleasure. i'm built to carry stuff :P

later she introduced me to one of her fellow patients. "he's also jewish," she told him, "he's from israel. and he's a computer genius!"

between that and the previous not-so-subtle hints about grandchildren, i was both a little embarrassed, flattered and amused no end :P

my blood drawing had only taken a minute (i'd spent the waiting time with gd and her mom), so after saying goodbye we went for coffee before separating. it was a dark discussion about childhood traumas (and the funny things that came out of them) and scary siblings, of which we both have a fair amount in common. it moved upbeat, however, because that's what our conversations tend to do. and everything, good and bad, keeps us feeling like we were made for each other. it looks like we're in it for the long haul.

that's extremely gratifying.

i've had puscifer - rev 22:20 stuck in my head all day. it's kinda how i feel.

my phone rang a short while ago, it was the recruiter for the aerospace job setting up a meeting with a hopefully future counterpart. since the call i've had the syndicate "calm" music stuck in my head, and i'm wondering at the serendipity of my life turning around just after changing all my tones :)

nystire sent me a couple of strips to look at. surprisingly good is surprisingly good, but fight is totally winning the week.

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