Wednesday, April 02, 2014


so... it turns out i was wrong, and yesterday's date *did* get in touch with me! i like that a lot. i would've liked it even more if her message hadn't arrived after i confirmed plans to go out on date with someone else on friday night :P

amusingly enough, fp got in touch with me after a week of silence, as if nothing's changed. huh? okay. fine. well, i figure i'll meet with her on the weekend just to let her know it's not happening...

nostalgia corner: fx fighter's soundtrack. gods, i loved that game so much!

there was an interesting hangout with vint cerf this afternoon. and i finished applying for a couple more jobs. and now it's 4.30 and i need to get food into my fridge and go to training. wtf?! where's the time going in such a hurry?

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