Thursday, April 17, 2014

i don't even. part iv.

[... continued]


everything took so long with my back the way it was that my planning meant nothing and i ended up running late. not by too much, and when i arrived they didn't notice, but *i* noticed. i also discovered, too late, that one of my really nice shirts from last year is now too small. training, huh? it does that shit.

as my train passed gd's metro station and the doors opened, my phone somehow acquired a signal and i received a message from her wishing me luck. wtf?!


the meeting... was awesome. the guy's really nice, we seem to have clicked, and after going through all my experience i was thrilled to hear that i appear to be exactly what they're having trouble finding.
*crosses fingers*
this is a REALLY exciting opportunity. the other employer that i'm interviewing with? if i have to choose between these two, big-life-decision-wise i'll have no choice but to go with today's. and i'll be seriously bummed about the other one, because i want that one as well. i'm praying that i'll have that problem. i can't imagine a nicer problem to have!


i came home, posted and went out to a local java u that i didn't know existed to meet the illustrator i do muay thai with. at some point i discovered that if i walked with my toes turned out in an exaggerated fashion my back wouldn't hurt as much, so getting there and back was less trouble than before. i ran into a friend from the gym who's almost done with his psychology degree and has decided that he's turning professional as a boxer, which impresses me no end. there was a lady occupying the seat next to the only available power outlet and i was very pleased that she was obliging enough to move over :)

the meeting was excellent, but unfortunately she was pressed for time. we'll definitely meet again, probably on the weekend, and she seems like the real deal in every respect!

i closed the door to my apartment on my way out to the supermarket and felt and heard something in the middle of my spine click, and as quickly as it began the nerve issue was over! i'm taking things easy, though, and i hope that this is properly resolved. it's such a relief to not be feeling so much pain!

on the way i completed memorizing (and tweaking) my new work. awesome! i ate at subway, shopped quickly and returned to make a phone call.

the recruiter, after hearing about my c / c++ / c# / java experience, informed me that i'm "underqualified" for the job. he then told me what the job requirements are, and i'm OVER-qualified. i didn't try too hard to mask the offense in my voice when i explained to him that that was not the case. he then asked me for my salary expectations. i told him the same thing i tell everyone - that i refuse to give it - and after telling me that he understands he informed me that without a salary expectation he wouldn't be able to proceed.
"well, that's unfortunate." i told him. he quickly wished me a good day and put the phone down.


what i'd *like* to have said was "sir, you appear to be underqualified to represent me."

damn, i just answered a telephone survey that i think was for a national broadcaster, but after giving them some basic demographic info they asked my name and my address. that was when i realized that it could totally be a scam, and i might have already given them too much info. i declined to continue and i hope there's no damage done :(

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