Wednesday, December 25, 2013

virtual insanity

the los angeles girl i met online on thursday? let's call her sq (smoky quartz).

we messaged each other frequently until saturday night, when we finally spoke on the phone. we talked for hours. suddenly it was almost 4am and i needed to call the israeli tax authority (half an hour) and get some sleep before waking up at 7.30am.

sunday evening we'd planned to chat again, but between the time zone difference and my being absolutely exhausted i went to bed around 2am.

monday morning (my afternoon) we had coffee together, talking for another couple of hours.

monday night, after i came home from pre-christmas drinks, we talked again for another hour or two.

something she said during that last conversation got stuck in my head, the words ringing in my ears until i fell asleep and resuming when i woke up. while rushing to the health store, i began writing a letter to address what she'd said in the hopes that it would come across as romantic and not push her away. when i returned home she was online, and so instead of messaging it to her i read it out loud instead.

i wasn't expecting literary criticism, which i received, but i was very relieved when she was pleased to hear what i had to say. we agreed to meet after i return from south africa and we continued to talk for another hour and a half.


it's very strange to essentially be in a relationship that only exists online; we won't know that we're really interested until we see each other in person and spend real time together. the experience is utterly surreal, like i'm playing one of those japanese virtual girlfriend games. but it's not a game, it's just crazy and exhilarating and engaging!

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