Tuesday, December 10, 2013


and the weekend in summary: after obsessing a little over the girl from friday (pmvn), i eventually realized (maybe i'm somehow wrong?) that she's not interested in a second date. which is a bummer, but it was nice to be excited for a change. i wisely rested on saturday, and on sunday had an absolutely killer day on the slopes! almost literally. it was fun :)

it's been a good start to the week, and i'm just beginning to *really* get excited about my south african holiday coming up - just about two more weeks!


it was a relaxed day spent indoors doing chores. i finally plugged in my leap controller, played around with it for a bit and then installed visual studio so that i can play with the sdk. the guy who was excited about me sent a mail asking if i had any examples of my work to share - i don't, but now i could tell him that i was working on something that i *might* be able to show him when it's done :P

yang picked me up in the evening and we went out to pj's for birthday beers. overall, the evening was fun! but some of it was annoying, because, well, yang can be a bit of a dick. at one point, though, i was trying to advise him on a stupid situation he's gotten himself into and it took so long to explain to him how ridiculous it is that i had a smile on my face when i finally drove the point home: that offended him, and then *i* felt like an asshole. the difference being that i apologized and was pleased afterwards that he actually seems to have gotten the message.


i got home and into bed much later than expected, and i was certainly not going to wake up four hours later even if it was for a perfect day snowboarding. i removed the duvet from the slip, which made for a far more comfortable night's sleep, and having been off the penicillin for a day my rash had cleared up considerably. i slept beautifully, took my time, dealt with some important emails (like apartment sale surprises and deciding on what dpi to produce the comics with)... then realized i was running out of time and hurriedly finished getting ready.

only i accidentally overloaded the microwave / kettle / toaster circuit using all three simultaneously (which i NEVER do), fortunately my lunch was edible but i had to boil the water and toast the bread in different corners of the apartment...

big mistake: my thermos was filled with a solid blend of coffee, cacao and rum. unfortunately, i forgot to add unfermented sugar as well... the word "grog" came to mind. it made me say AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR :)

[ooh! update as i type this, i just got a message from pmvn that suggests that i was wrong. we'll see.]

the bus ride just seems so much longer than before. it's now taking two hours instead of an hour and a half, but that half hour is crazy long! when i arrived, i met the argentinian accountant in the amusingly twee sweater who i'd spoken to before and having satisfied himself that i'm not crazy (good lord, how wrong could he be?!) and that i won't load my thermos with rum when i'm driving he agreed that we should rent a car together whenever we want to hit the snow.

the weather was PERFECT. it was a gorgeous day, and i arrived just towards the end of it. the slopes were half ice and half snow:

1) on the black diamond i kept riding that meant (literally) breakneck speeds and a few rather exciting (scary) near-death experiences after clipping. that happened a couple of times before i decided that my poor body had had enough and that i shouldn't simply hit it with the flat of my board. the last rides (only slightly more controlled, no accidents) were still a heck of a rush.

2) on the red i rode just more than half the time, i focused on practicing switching. until the last couple of runs that meant a lot of crashes, and overall it meant very sore thighs (from trying every few seconds). by the end, though, i was totally confident on both sides; even though i know i've got a long way to go until i have the power to really jump and switch (as opposed to small hops or sliding), i've definitely made progress ^_^

a testament to my productivity: i'm properly battered and bruised all over. "if you are not fall, you are not make snowboard" never felt truer!

if an adrenaline habit is wrong i don't wanna be right.

i arrived at the bus fifteen minutes early so i ran in to mcdonald's for fries. fries! how long should it take to get fries? i don't know what the hell the girl was doing, but it was everything but. it must've taken more than five minutes to get my order, leaving me with less than five minutes to eat them before heading out. i arrived back at the stop with half a bag left, racing against mother nature to eat them before -10 degrees turned them from "pleasantly warm" to "ugh".

the ride back was long, but comfortable. i was dehydrated on arrival, though, but fortunately that wasn't a difficult problem to solve.


the new bag is AWESOME! unfortunately, until i got used to it i kept banging the board into things which kinda sucked. but by the end of the day, it had made life so much easier! definitely the perfect gift ^_^


on getting home:

1) dentist fail: i still can't eat on left side of my mouth. the more i think of my experiences of the last few weeks the angrier i get with him and his incompetence. i definitely won't be going back.

2) after a hot bath that actually hurt, i had to open a window and lie down next to it. in israel it gets so hot that you lie down next to the air conditioner even though you know it's not healthy. just for a few minutes, before you get really cold, and hopefully the perfect counter-sensation doesn't put you to sleep before then.
in canada, the building heating's so hot that you do exactly the same thing but in the opposite direction instead.

3) i was too sore and too tired for anything. anything! it was all i could do to brush my teeth and get back to bed.


i woke up after just more than ten hours' sleep, incredibly good sleep that i've desperately needed for a while! i woke up to the perfect snowstorm, too, and the combination left a silly grin on my face for hours :)

quote of the day: "i'm a woman and i know that when the power goes out i should check the fusebox," chided the caretaker's wife. yes, thank you, if i could only find the damned fusebox i would've known to do that too :/

french conversations: we both feel that an hour is too short, so we're going to lengthen our meetings. funny, later on vfmp would call me to suggest the same thing about our wednesday morning workouts.

cafe depot was out of soya again, and i expressed my bitter disappointment. the nice girl behind the counter offered an alternative, an espresso with non-dairy chocolate and non-dairy whipped cream. "that sounds good! but does the whipped cream have egg in it?"
three of us poured over the ingredients, and i agreed to the swap. the result was delicious. delicious! too delicious, i finished it in a few short minutes and had nothing to nurse for the rest of the hour #firstworldproblems

i went home, thought about resting, realized i didn't have time if i wanted to buy flowers for godmother. so i headed down and made it just in time; the woman working there took forever, i just kind of glazed over and stared as she performed the arrangement ritual. it came out great...

dinner was really nice, though there were a couple of moments when uncle hate antagonized me or vice versa. mostly it was good, though.

right, i've now posted all of this, my eye's are feeling fuzzy and i'm ready to crash. my computer battery's irritating me, but i've just bought marilyn manson - lest we forget and between the music and everything i've written here i'm feeling like life's quite alright.

[edit: oh! and i updated she was standing on the sidewalk under a spotlight in the disconnected darkness , i've been working on memorizing it and the modifications were due.]

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