Friday, August 09, 2013

this is the end... of the week

i'm feeling pretty good - my leg's got a nasty little protrusion on my shin bone from that bad check on wednesday and a pretty good bruise-on-a-bruise from last night (how is it that our kickboxing instructor invariably manages to find whatever's hurting and kick it?), but i'm feeling pretty good nonetheless. like i've trained hard this week, like i've worked enough this week, like i've got a big weekend of heavy metal concerts coming up.

my eyes have been a bit weird the past few days. my left seems to have found its focus at the cost of my right whenever i'm not reading. it's like i've always got one eye out of focus, which means that everything looks fine at all distances but has an unreal effect applied to it.


yesterday was a decent day. we interviewed a guy who i thought interviewed well and the others thought really badly, but as he's a contractor i convinced them to give him a chance. contractors are the future, man.

jiu-jitsu was okay but filled with fails; scrapper's new to it and i couldn't get my shit together. kickboxing would have been better if i'd had caffeine in me, but i handled and it was as fun as it was tough. at least until the end, that is, when after all the post-workout punishment he usually doles out he added lunges and squats that really hurt!

scrapper and i walked to harvey's for burgers (it's really convenient living near a decent 24-hour burger joint that serves veggie patties) and began a long philosophical debate that lasted until it was beyond time to hit the hay.


there's nothing like waking up in the middle of the night with a blocked nose, reaching out for a tissue and upsetting a glass of water. all around the power bar under the bed.

jeff bezos is the man. and this article makes a good point about journalism versus media.

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