Thursday, August 15, 2013


allow me to elaborate: darn upset me yesterday by dismissing my concerns out of hand. i confronted him this morning, and when he reacted even more offensively i realized that that was a mistake. aota advised my going to the product manager, but i thought it'd be best if i tried megaman one more time before going over his head.

i didn't get an opportunity to say anything until we were already presenting our work so far at an all-hands. i knew that this wasn't the time to bring up a conflict but i couldn't see any other way, so i suppressed my irritation and "innocently" asked the product manager what he thought now that he could see what was already done.

he responded that we'd need to do what i'd been arguing against, and at that point i felt that i'd potentially antagonized darn for nothing as my question would no doubt be taken as a slight. either he didn't realize that i'd pushed past him or he's just good at keeping his feelings to himself because i didn't notice any signs and the rest of our interactions for the day were just fine.

once i'd accepted that they all really want to do this thing that i totally disagree with (i have my team's support, too), i came up with a way to implement a fail-safe so that if and when the executives realize the mistake we'll be able to undo the counterproductive logic without unraveling anything. i was quite proud of myself for that, megaman agreed immediately and darn allowed himself to be convinced in megaman's presence.

words for the week: "lackey" and "minion". aota was surprised that this is the first time i've thought of darn that way.


it occurred to me this week that on the days i leave early for muay thai i should go to work earlier too - for the first time since i started working for this company i don't have a bank of overtime hours.

morning weather: drizzling pleasure. i'm so excited for winter!!!

our marketing head is a surfer, and i've been invited to join him surfing in san fransisco if we find a reason to get me down to our offices there :)

i spent large parts of today quietly getting shit done. other parts were spent going over designs with my team and it was really nice to get them onboard and to receive our cto's approval for everything. i think he's really beginning to trust us.

so, while we've gotten him off our core development he's been doing r&d, and he called me over to see what he's been working on. when i realized what i was looking at my mind started doing backflips: he's secretly been doing some incredibly cool stuff and it's so crazy i'm actually going to have to study it and write a manual just so that we can introduce it to the team. as it doesn't fit in with our corporate plan, we're going to have to do this all off the clock and behind everyone's backs, which is pretty surreal and strangely motivating.

i told him to his face, explaining that it was a compliment, that he is truly crazy. you have to be crazy to build ridiculously ambitious things that generate new development paradigms.

i found a large box waiting for me on my desk in the afternoon - thunderstone has arrived ^_^
that was really fast!

muay thai was interesting and was either relatively relaxed or i'm that much stronger than before. boxing was awesome and i learned a lot. the state of my shin is scaring me a little and i think i'd better play it safe and visit the doctor again. i really can't tell what's damaged and if it's the bone i'm going to have to do something about it...

i was all excited to find the washing machines available when i got home, but when i returned downstairs with my laundry there was an "out of order" sign on the door again. wtf?!?! i'm really pissed off now, and i'm going to speak with the building owners tomorrow morning. it doesn't make sense that i'm not allowed to have a washing machine in my apartment, i'm not allowed to do laundry during the only hours i'm at home, and that for the second time in two weeks the only chance i've had to do laundry has been when the machines were out of order. that's bullshit.

i was taking out the recycling when i found a can that scrapper had opened. i've never seen anyone botch opening a can before, i'm going to have to show him how to use the opener.

*shakes head*

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