Friday, August 02, 2013

level up!

once again, this time in physique! for the first time in my life i've just hit 90kg. super stoked! also proud that i trained serious kicks on the taped-to-shit punching bag and came out with only light bruising. i'm feeling all my muscles and i'm feeling *strong*.

i can't drink enough water - and my craving for tonic water far outdoes my thirst for regular h20.

my eyes were irritated all day, which concerns me but there's not a lot i can do about that. work-wise, we spent most of the day having meetings about how to deal with a protocol issue while a couple of the developers worked on it in the direction we agreed was best. by the end of the day, after everyone got a say including marketing, we agreed unanimously that the way the developers and i had agreed to deal with it was the right way.


a meaningful last hour of the day was spent arguing about addictions and parenting with aota.

i met with the illustrator (bnw) and was blown away by the quality of her take on the subject. and was gladdened to hear that what i'd be concerned about she gets done quickly. we spent an hour and a half figuring out where we think we should go, and i'm now under the gun to sketch out my script because apparently it's easier for her to get what i'm going for. hah!

there's a question she had about character identities that caused me to think about it in a new way, and it was only later that i realized that her suggestion of what to do about it was absolutely correct even if she didn't know what to look for. score!

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