Monday, August 12, 2013

heavy weekend part ii

machinehead was awesome. children of bodom was very cool. mastodon was so good they made my eyes cross. godsmack? holy shit that was intense!!

but the grand finale, if i can't use my voice tomorrow and i can't hear very much, i don't care. i just don't care!


1. there's something decidedly less intrusive about being patted down by pretty female security guards.

2. i didn't know sully erna had his tattoo removed, and without it or the chin tuft i was almost certain it wasn't actually him but a look-alike!

3. "o canada" didn't work so well when rob zombie tried to get the quebecois to sing something, but his cover of metallica - enter sandman is a much preferred / better known anthem and everyone chimed in.

4. coming through the tunnels of the berri uqam station en masse and all singing along at top volume to the musicians busking with pink floyd - another brick in the wall was really cool.

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