Sunday, July 14, 2013

these lenses! so scratchy!

i had a nap early and didn't think to wear my goggles. since then my eye's been a little irritated and i'm hoping i didn't touch it in my sleep :(

amusingly, my right eyelid's begun twitching. the hell?

i spent a large part of the afternoon giving my mother telephone support (well, skype) to set up her iphone. the iphone's not the problem, obviously. my well-intentioned sister overcomplicated her gmail and itunes accounts while helping her out; when you're introducing someone to something new, you don't show them the most unwieldy parts first. the whole point of an iphone is its simplicity, if you want more out of it or if you want to cheat the system then that's your business. i wouldn't have jailbroken mine if it hadn't been for the network lock... and, quite frankly, my little phone and i are paying the price for the jailbreak every day. the performance dropped noticeably and i can't upgrade my shit...

as we're putting our apartment in tel aviv on the market, we're looking at apartments here in montreal. good lord! cheaper than tel aviv, and that's for beautiful apartments in hip areas! sounds like a good deal to me :)

when i said something about training she stopped to ask me which gym i'm at. one of her colleagues was really excited when he heard that i was doing mma in montreal: "is he at tristar??"
my mother didn't know, but yes, yes i am. and that's why i'm so damned excited all the time :)

i did a little shopping which was a great excuse for a short walk outside. it's such a beautiful evening! and it's so weird to be seeing it in such sharp relief. within two days my left eye has already become dominant. mind-blowing.

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