Wednesday, July 03, 2013

meeting seating

i woke up today with my leg hurting even more than yesterday. locking up and burning, but not a skin sensation. considering it was worse than the day before, and the bruising is black, i decided that i needed to take it to a doctor. i wasn't panicked because the black skin is warm to the touch, but i'm unable to know what's going on a few levels down.

i didn't want to be the first person who was kicked so hard his leg came off.

i caught megaman to address any potential issues so that i could arrive late, and headed to the clinic. when i registered i was told i'd need to wait about 45 minutes, so i went out for coffee. my inability to answer a simple french "how are you?" from the barrista made me uncomfortable. the lack of internet access through the wifi even more so, though after friday's experiences i'm almost certain it's my macbook and not them.

i returned to the waiting room and proceeded to wait another hour and a quarter before finally being called in to see a doctor. a nice man, he was pretty thorough and after five minutes had determined that my leg's healing well and that i've got nothing to worry about.

i was satisfied to hear that, upset about waiting two hours to hear it.

our cto was in, and i spent the next six hours with him and megaman in various meetings. the weekend misunderstanding was glossed over and everyone was cooperating despite some disagreements about our corporate road map. i think it's all going to be fine.

i spent some time with moonlighter, who'd been given instructions by the cto that didn't fit with our requirements. i'm *sure* he'll remember to discuss things with me next time </sarcasm>

kickboxing was great, in spite of my being paired with the guy who the instructor doesn't feel comfortable kicking out of the advanced class. as sweet as he may be, he's definitely not advanced in any way but the zim way, but he's been in the class since before our instructor took over from the previous guy...

i haven't done a lot this evening... yet... short of talking to my mother, hearing that the company that wanted me could only take me as a canadian citizen, and performing a couple of menial work-related tasks... also getting high off house: ron hagen & pascal m. - take you there (1999) lead me into a large pool of classic uplifting tracks.

but the real thing i need to do is node.js. there's no time to get coding done when you're managing.

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