Tuesday, July 02, 2013

just passing through part i

"it's raining, it's pouring, the old man..." wishes he was snoring. and he's definitely got an old man's legs.
funny how it's july already and the weather still isn't summer yet.

as for the legs: it took three days for my injured one to begin bruising, and some of the bruising is black so it terrifies my hypochondriac that it might be necrosis. but it's warm to the touch, so i suspect i might just be unnecessarily paranoid. it was feeling great after training, then stiff, then fine, and since this morning it's been pretty sore. i hope it heals correctly...


a relaxed morning. botswana wanted new features after i'd already explained how the process works, and why his approach has cut into time we should have been spending on other, higher priority work.

network difficulties + dedicated server issues + no wifi at the coffee shop (i think it was my mac's fault) + jira's web interface being useless for mobile devices made me want to break or throw out all our tech and start again. a bad workman blames his tools? we're an internet-based company with no internet and all my devices are failing in different ways.

i had less beer than before so that i'd be sharper at training. our instructor didn't arrive and for the first time there wasn't a replacement, so the couple of us there warmed up and hit the punching bags. i'm happy with the workout i got.

for the first time in a long time i ran an actual hot bath just so that i could soak my legs. my back needed it too.

i watched american drug war: the last white hope and then kick ass. the former was good, a different angle from the union: the business of getting high and highly recommended. the latter was as awesome the second time. brilliant. absolutely brilliant.


i had a sleepy start and then went out with godmother and yin for lunch. that was a bit complicated because yin's barely able to limp and struggles with crutches, but we managed and it was pleasant. i gave up trying to defend my style when they told me "you have no style". i have a style they don't appreciate, that's for sure, but that's like saying "this isn't music" when you don't share someone else's taste in music.

i almost lost an important office key when doing laundry. i count myself very lucky indeed.

an important realization: i've been calling myself a supplementarian since i coined the term, but now that 70g of my protein intake per day is from supplements i guess it's for real.


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