Tuesday, July 23, 2013

closing monday

as a busy bachelor, buying fresh produce is a bitch, it's not cheap and it has a frustratingly sisyphean short shelf life. i've reached the conclusion that in addition to meal replacements and supplements, eating out every night is not only more convenient and satisfying, but financially responsible too.

or at least it would be if eating out was less complicated for vegans.

today began with my purchasing two weekend passes for otakuthon for myself and scrapper. i can't wait ^_^

it looks like we're wresting control from the cto. it also looks like our network troubles aren't over yet. it looks like i need to go to bed early tonight.

i felt monday today, i took a contractor out for lunch and i'm not sure if i ate too much or if the punjab palace's food is as bad for me as it is delicious. this is the third time i've walked out of there in dire need of a siesta.

i've been given a galaxy phone for the week and promised a new (refurbished) iphone next week, but i'm not doing anything until i can figure out how to backup my contact data to gmail. the internets has advices.


dystopia said...

to back up contact data on an android, simply sign the phone into your gmail account and make sure that contacts are marked for syncing. then it will all happen in the background

totalwaste said...

ah, no - the problem was backing up the contacts from an iphone. i've discovered that *if* you're cloud-syncing them with apple you can access them through outlook.

kind of requires outlook and some effort to export them, though. what i need is to be able to sync the iphone and gmail contacts properly...