Thursday, June 13, 2013


i woke early enough and with enough presence of mind to call the caretaker about my sink being clogged up for the past couple of weeks (i spoke to him about it at least a week ago).
"i'll be right up!" he said.
"great!" i said, surprised, and promptly realized that i really needed to pee. i didn't want to risk him arriving while i was relieving myself, so i decided to wait it out - of course he only arrived fifteen minutes later.

once again i got on the same train as the intern who's difficult to talk to, only this time i made the mistake of not walking right past him :(

the big, unhappy deal of the day: being called out for shouting at imperieux about negligence. he defended me - "we're just talking" - which is how i'd felt until i was called out. then i felt bad and he looked like he was going to cry (i'm beginning to suspect that he just always has watery eyes) and that made me totally awkward around him for the rest of the day. as well as feeling like shit :(

cheshire cat lady, after all the time we've spent with her defining the process that covers her work and implementing it, has decided it's not good. she's a technical writer. for some reason i expected her to be less clueless than a regular user.

we had another hour-long demo today, this one was pre-lunch and post-too-many-fries. so i heated up my lunch and took it in with me; i wasn't actually hungry, and it didn't taste very good... the lesson learned is that i should stay away from lunchtime fries.

the new guy refuses to skype, so i tried to connect with him via irc. i haven't used irc in long years, and i totally failed :$


gods, i've been exhausted all day. i'm glad this is my training "day off". i desperately need this long weekend coming up!

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