Thursday, June 20, 2013


wow, what a day. and it's already past my bedtime and i haven't done even a tiny bit of what i'd had planned.

being enjoyably distracted by a track from horseman didn't help :P

day begins: sunshine through the windows and the strip search finale. the series was excellent, and while the contender i was gunning for didn't win (i'm a vasquez fan, it was a no-brainer :P) i'm really pleased to see all the good things that have come out of it! heartwarming stuff.

1. rollerblading to work and spending the day in shorts and flip-flops. very cool.
2. splitting the development team into three to reduce scrum time. it was a little awkward for the first time.
3. botswana - i didn't shout "don't touch my developers!" at him but i should have. he upset one by demanding things that made no sense when he has no authority to demand anything. and he can't understand why i find him irritating.
4. the building's network has been terrible for two days now, and their (not our) it guy is not only a dumbass but he's leaving soon and doesn't care. we had to go out to l'artere for lunch just to use their wifi.
5. one of the new guys (ceh) came to me at the end of the day for a php bitch session. i could totally sympathize. he really wants to move to clojure.

blading back: to was faster than metro, back was with the wind. and a bit of inspiration from it being a beautiful afternoon. and the fact that i'd left work early and was on my way to muay thai.

muay thai was crazy, the warm-up even tougher than before and the training really good.

i spent the evening learning ruby on rails, stopping after realizing that it's most likely not as good a fit for my needs as python. dammit.

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