Monday, June 10, 2013

scribbles iv

i've just got in from a 6km zombie run, with karnivool between incidents and psychological background noise concerning the comics consuming me. i'm working with two people who i'm hoping that i can trust, and there are things going on that do not fit in with how i see this happening but in a sense it's already out of my hands. and i don't like that at all.

but i can't draw very well, so i need this to work. so i'll play the game, and pray that everything's going to be alright. the specific incident concerns nocence and i both talking to mason and not synchronizing, and apparently he feels i'm being pushy but nobody (including him) told me. either way, i don't think it's pushy to want to meet more than once a week or communicate via email or whatnot, and i think that considering that this whole project is my baby i have a certain right to be involved a bit more.


1. a long, late sleep that i really needed.

2. general tiredness in spite of aforementioned sleep.

3. on my way to best buy i stopped by source and the sales dude did an awful job of convincing me to get sony in-ear headphones (mdr-ex10lp if you care). i decided to go for them in spite of him. he asked if i wanted to purchase the extended warranty and as usual i said no, but when the other sales guy shook his head to indicate the stupidity of my decision i asked him why.
"what happened to your previous headphones?"
"the cable's fucked. as always happens."
"exactly. with this warranty, when it happens just come in a swap them out."

why can't somebody design headphones that can't pull like that?!

anyway, the quality is so much better than anything i've used in years! i walked along the highway and could barely hear the vehicles passing, and the bass sounds good. it was dreamy ^_^

4. i stopped at starbucks for a large soy latte and some sketching time. i made some progress and was then joined by horseman. i showed him malice in wonderland (the trippy, totally nsfw animated short) by way of explaining what shakespeare's imagery does in my head, and when he got it he described something he'd been looking at in the same style. perhaps after the comics we'll make a short of all the crazy that isn't appropriate for them.

5. horseman joined me as i did some quick shopping on my way home, and was impressed by my fallout setup. even better - he has tekken 6. he's promised to bring it over sometime.

6. after playing a bit of fallout, i watched tom rhodes. he's pretty darn funny! and chased that with star trek iv before going to bed. meh. a couple of good lines, but not impressive.


1. a long chat with my toronto cousins.

2. lunch with godmother and yin and a couple of her friends who came over to see her. yin's looking okay, at least, although her legs are screwed :(

one of her friends is studying literature and we talked about a few things; what was really weird is that she's cute, but there's a definite shared look and mannerisms with the witch. it was like meeting the professor's younger self, and finding her at all attractive was a little creepy.

3. as i left the day became beautiful - for the first time in ages - and so i walked to the metro. on the way i stopped in at the health food store for a long chat about probiotics, and i was talked out of buying supplements as i'm not experiencing any issues. i took a couple of samples for different protein powders (and ordered a sample of another one), then returned home.

4. laundry. and using laundry as an excuse to watch star trek v. certainly better than the previous episode, although less fun and not particularly amazing. now that i think about it, perhaps i've been ruined by the space quest series...

5. the run. and posting this. and now it's late and i *must* make dinner and get some rest. *ahem* watch another movie.

the one way mission to mars seems legit. and sounds like it'd be a great way for me to participate in our great escape! i do believe i have what it takes, and i've prepared a short speech for an application video.


is it for real?
i mean, looking at some of the applications i'm not sure...

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