Monday, June 10, 2013

scribbles iii

damn. i don't want to write posts anymore because i don't feel like i have the time. but i can't not, with my info ocd.


1. cold, rainy snoozing. each day of crap weather has been harder to get up for.

2. gog's newsletter is dangerous. very bad for the wallet. currently there's a sale on that includes both cannon fodder games (which i've really wanted to check out for years but each abandonware copy is unusable) and the entire leisure suit larry collection. i had to.

3. work: i finally caught hold of the cto and he gave me a tutorial on working with a central part of our systems i've never had access to before. it was actually quite exciting! even more exciting was that the opportunity was being taken in order for me to be able to build what i need to integrate everything properly, instead of having him build something we can't use without sidelining everything that's already functional.

4. half the company bailed on the happy hour, so those of us who were left decided to head downtown and mix the happy hour with the crescent street craziness. crescent street itself was rather disappointing, but the first bar was nice and then we returned to peel pub, which got a bit silly after the long island iced teas and more beer. after that a few of us returned to the office and played great pool before calling it a week.

i'd definitely had too much to drink. i spoke to yin for a while, then put myself to bed.

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