Monday, June 10, 2013

scribbles ii

damn. i don't want to write posts anymore because i don't feel like i have the time. but i can't not, with my info ocd.


1. i woke up feeling the night before. not in a bad way, really...

2. my tenant's rent was more than four days late, and i was not impressed. he apologized profusely by email, but i'm not sure he really understood when i explained to him that i need to know before there's a problem, not be ignored. not impressed.

3. of all the platforms i've ever used, mac os is the dumbest. i'm horrified whenever something that's supposed to be so clean and fluid repeatedly does exactly the opposite of what i instruct it to. also, the battery thing is completely ridiculous. i have to bleed it out to prevent it from dying, but if i get distracted (as often happens) between the warning and the shutdown then i have to wait upwards of five minutes for it to restart. what the hell?!?!

4. the night before at peel pub i ran into a guy from the gym, and he substituted for our regular kickboxing instructor. he drinks a lot every night, and yet he trains hard every day. he killed us! although he did introduce a bit of taekwondo, and it was nice to feel in full control for once :P

5. intending to try crescent street again i called up yang. my uncle answered the phone and couldn't figure out who i was, he must have been rattled because earlier that day yin had been run over my a postal truck. after ascertaining that she was stabilized, i joined yang but he was no longer in the mood for festivities so we went to cock 'n bull instead. neuroscientist and another friend of his rocked up, and we talked non-stop until i decided it was late and that i should be heading home. the other guy was in need of some guidance, and i do take my responsibilities as a pastafarian minister seriously :)

6. i ate dinner watching death note. it's not mind-blowing, but it is very cool.

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