Monday, June 24, 2013

no change of plans

dissonance: my original plan was to come home after piknic electronik, and that's what i did, but i'm now unhappy that i did because i believe that i *should* have been going out with the beautiful girl i met on the dance floor - i guess i shouldn't have waited to get her number. now i'll have to wait until i see her there again.

i can't tell you how flattering it was to be chatted up in broken english on the most quebecois day of the year :D

i dreamed properly during the night, and woke up feeling good and lazy. enough to go back and sleep some more. it was awesome.

saga is beautiful.

i headed out to horseman's and we spent a couple of hours playing with his very cool sound toys tweaking music and samples while discussing possible upgrades to my singing style. i have to mention that he has an adorable young alsation who's insanely friendly and fun to play with :)

i went downtown to feed myself - i was so hungry that i couldn't think straight - and then headed out to the piknic. the dance floor i preferred last time was far too adventurous for my tastes today, and so i kept to the main floor and thoroughly enjoyed an amazing retro house set. shit, one of the dj's even played a sneaker pimps track! it was an excellent party all around. even before i met that girl...


nutritionally, today was a complete and utter failure. i haven't had time to go shopping and i've barely eaten. quite irresponsible.

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