Tuesday, June 25, 2013

happiness is a cool thunderstorm

wanna know how i know i want to live in montreal?

i arrived at piknic where the sun was shining, there was a cool breeze to counter the otherwise hot and humid day, the music was groovy and all the beautiful people (seriously, how are there so many??) were enjoying a perfect monday afternoon.

and then it started to cloud over. really fast. and suddenly there were drops of rain. MORE people came onto the dance floor! the more rain, the more excitement, shirts came off (one guy undressed to a mankini, it was hilarious) and the tempo increased with the bass. the crowd went nuts when it began to pour and when a rough wind came up there was a stream of defiant whoops until it backed off again, and there were crazy happy smiles all around when the lightning began.

we continued like that until, a long while later, the sun came out for a gorgeous sunset.

yes. that's how i know :)

i've been out of food for two days, and the laundry was piling up. all the regular stores were closed today to celebrate saint jean-baptiste / quebec day, so i wasn't sure what to do. i headed to jean talon market, bought two boxes of clif builder bars (ordering vegan creatine along the way, that's an important supplement too) and had lunch with nocence, who's taking the language oppression thing really hard and is now seriously considering leaving quebec. i find it amusing that montreal takes enough pride in little italy to erect very pretty stonework and signs all over the place but doesn't appreciate them actually speaking italian.

i had a very leafy lunch because little italy doesn't do vegan, and it wasn't bad. then i returned home to struggle with laundry. at first i had to wait for ages to use the machine, and when i finally got my turn and my laundry was ready for the dryer i discovered that some old bat had been hoarding wet clothes and had taken it over. and today, there was only one dryer.

i guess it was a good excuse to rest and read a little.

as soon as that was done, i shaved and showered (i would've needed to shower anyway, it was so humid!) and headed to the piknic. priority one: find the girl from last night. failed in that, i think i saw her at one point but if it was her then she was making a point of not being anywhere near me. priority two: have a good time. that wasn't very hard ^_^

the only spoke in my wheel of ecstasy* was when some jerk stood right next to me and loudly shared with his friend just how much of a jerk he is over the music. as if that wasn't bad enough, he then made a really antisemitic remark and while a part of me wanted to respond another part kept saying "there's a time and a place". so i went somewhere else, and later when i saw him with his arm around some girl i felt very sorry for her.

* funny, some guy came up to ask me if i had any.

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