Wednesday, June 12, 2013


well, well, well. two good things happened today.

the first being a response from mason apologizing and explaining the issues. he doesn't want to stop, so i explained my attitude and invited him to meet with me either tomorrow or on the weekend to figure out how we'll proceed. interesting that i just received a link in the mail to an illustrator's description of his work that ties in with what's happening.

the second being a rather nice compliment from megaman. after explaining to him what i'd designed (and had an intern set up after a few tries) i could almost see the lightbulb flash. "that's sick shit," he said. i didn't expect those words to pop out, but they made me feel much better than anything "managerial" would have ^_^

on a similar note, i've been in montreal almost nine months already, and i'm beginning to receive solicitations from headhunters that are getting closer and closer to where i want to be :)

after wearing myself out with interviews and spending half an hour managing from home, i headed out to the clinic. it was pouring with rain - it would pour with rain the entire day - so i hopped on a bus that took its time. facing a dumpy, garishly-dressed middle-aged woman who picked her nose constantly. i tried looking anywhere else, but try as i might out of the corner of my eye i kept catching her rolling whatever she found into little balls and dropping them on the floor.

the medical building is really badly signed, and when i finally found the offices i was seeking i was certain i was in the wrong place. inexplicably, the heating was on much higher than the rest of the building (and it wasn't cold outside!), and i had to wait two turns before i could ask where i'd gotten to. i made an appointment to see the dermatologist... in mid-july. crud. i guess i'll have to see a regular physician first if my paranoia doesn't go away or i discover that i really do have a problem.

the longest part of the workday involved me actually falling asleep during an online demo because the guy presenting to us was marginally less interesting and engaging than watching paint peel. he droned on and on, and was so bad that his partner was riveting by comparison even though she was monotonous too.

i was concerned about all the "containerizing" that was going on. that sounds violent to me.

i got home just in time to get ready for training. kickboxing was... tough. tough because i have so many technique issues that i need to correct, and tough because my left wrist is a bit buggered from a while back and every time i land a good shot it really hurts me, and tough because after yesterday's training my body wasn't responding well to the best of my intentions.

one of the amazonians (the one i accidentally violated) was quite friendly towards me this evening. after class she felt faint, and i was glad to have some experience to draw on so that i could be helpful...

i must be a hypochondriac: those health issues i didn't want to talk about seem to be winding down, and the inexplicable tiredness seems to have gone away as soon as i started eating better, so now i'm stuck with ringworm fears? makes sense.

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