Wednesday, February 13, 2013


i had the strangest dream this morning, and it ended with a surprise video call from a commander in my last unit, sobbing as he informed me that one of his officers i was friendly with had passed away. as i got up i sent said officer a message and got an immediate response, so i don't know what that was all about but i'm pleased it wasn't accurate.

pg did one heck of a job tidying up after i went to bed, and this morning i got a distinct sense of the new comfort level of our apartment: it's a deeply satisfying feeling. we're almost ready to have people over!

i've waited three days for an opportunity to call immigration and find out how to proceed with pg's application, and was vexed and disappointed to have to listen to lots of information i already had and to have no way to contact a live assistant. in dismay, i tried again to find what we wanted on the website. my google-fu is lacking and i suspected that i wouldn't locate anything useful, but after trying a couple of stab-in-the-dark links i actually did get somewhere: "implied" authorization holds for changing permit types, too. perhaps pg could work as an immigration lawyer and i could advise her.

the temperature was warm-ish (-2) and the snow was softly floating down as i walked to the metro: it's the second time i've noted "traditional" flakes with identifiable structures this winter. it's incredibly beautiful and not at all photogenic.

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