Tuesday, February 12, 2013

making the bed - part i


a proper snowstorm on my way to ordering my credit card. the advisor was really helpful, and i walked out elated with anticipation.

what's with all the extra static??? for the past few days i'd been getting more shocks than usual, and a few of them were intense enough to hurt :(

penny arcade's gamers vs evil is pretty addictive once you get familiar with the cards. it's a really fun game!

the technical writer's a bit mad, but in an endearing manner. i spent my morning setting up accounts for a surprise guest developer: of course, the IT guy would be off for the day :/

i took a break around lunchtime to rush to the CIC offices to organize my SIN: pg took the opportunity to visit walmart so that we could lunch afterwards. here i thought israel was jacked when it came to organizing immigration documents - there, two weeks. here? ten minutes, *including* waiting and filling out a form. amazing!!!


thai express sucks. that's my conclusion, and i'm sticking with it.

i hurriedly scanned resumes that i'd need to review, then hit a last minute nightmare - if you say you're not going to demo anymore after i've already said we need to polish our demo, then don't demo. really. EVERYTHING went wrong, none of the devices would communicate with each other, and moonlighter had sent me a broken package before rendering himself completely unavailable. newk'd proved himself indispensable in the heat of the moment, eventually setting up a sneakernet using two computers, a cable and two memory cards. we eventually got moonlighter on the phone, calling the evening's disaster to an end by agreeing to resume on sunday with a new build.

in spite of all that, newk'd and i finished on a good note with videos of vuzix and leap. later in the weekend i'd discover that leap's product costs all of $70, so i'd pre-order my little piece of the future.

i gobbled down a super-quick snack before heading to godmother's to be lambasted over my apparently melodramatic use of the word "horrendous" when describing my afternoon, and then went with yang to another awesome igloofest party. the greatest disappointment of the evening was the lack of snow post-blizzard warnings :/



i went to sleep after some late night email clearance, and slept quite a lot.

pg hadn't ever seen we all stand together by paul mccartney, and doesn't know who rupert the bear is either. we began the morning correcting the first issue.

pg's immigration process isn't so simple... she's now eligible for an open work permit, but we don't know if applying for it will extend her visitor's visa :S

our internet's been weird, so i contacted bell's support. i can't decide if i'm satisfied or not.


it's cold but a sense of spring demonstrates to me how powerfully our perceptions rule reality.


ikea - they have what we want, it's reliable quality, and it's cheaper. but the experience of shopping there is like a punishment for getting those three things.

inside, i was screaming along with the little girl in the next aisle.

the lack of oxygen, my neck giving me grief, the crazy crowds and running around the warehouse when they were out of stock didn't add anything positive to the experience.


pg was responsible for us missing our stop, and we followed that up by almost missing the bus after twenty minutes waiting in the cold. we had fun, though, and an important conversation about her plans that might've been missed without such a perfect opportunity.

we did a quick supermarket run then came home to pg's first attempt at home-made vegan mexican food (awesome) and pg's first viewing of evangelion. (the reboot). i thoroughly enjoyed it but was so wiped out that i called it a night halfway through.



the day of rest began with a disaster: the resumes i'd scanned to review were from the wrong file.

pg and i continued shopping for a bed (with a visit to best buy thrown in), and eventually arrived at the conclusion the ikea was the best bet in terms of value for money.

ikea drove me crazy.

but at least we're satisfied (so far) with our purchases. main note of the weekend: ikea's LEDs are cheap and bloody good. screw compact fluorescents and the mercury they shed!

the couple of hours in the office were productive, and i found the misfiled resumes so i'd be prepared for the big day. after getting home and eating pg's leftover mexican (it was delicious), i reviewed them and crashed.



waking up so early was harsh. hitting metro rush hour in both directions was overly warm. early morning exhaustion set in around 11am, a giant sigh of relief was expelled when i heard that the demo had run smoothly, and the long day of interviews went well but was... well... long.

it's a tiring exercise in the extreme.

pg and i finished the first of the new evangelion movies (i really do love the reboot), and i went to bed really early.



i felt much better this morning, i've done some basic intern training and had a long and intense meeting with the cto (his temper flared, i backed off but it took a while for him to calm down. at least the end of the conversation was amiable).

commensal has a new frozen food flavour. thai delight it is.

right - next step.

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