Tuesday, February 19, 2013


yesterday was all about babysitting. the lowlight was dealing with the technical writer, whose bat-shit insane and gets really intense when she doesn't understand - and i'm beginning to consider the possibility that she might not be possessed of much wit, never mind her wits. also, her daughter has strep throat and my own throat began griefing me just after i got through a particularly aggressive questioning. no real connection, perhaps, but that's not how the psyche works :P

the interesting phone call was regarding moonlighter: apparently he has so much trouble working collaboratively that he's essentially been pulled out of the team "to explore other projects". i wouldn't be very suspicious if i didn't know how much deadline pressure we're under and that we can't afford to have a capable member not directly contributing.

i find that sad. and as i said to him, i find it sad that he's been so disconnected that the only contact we've had has concerned the urgent and the negative. i wouldn't be surprised if that's coloured his perceptions of me somewhat.

israeli documents: at least some of them have arrived already, even if they require translation. it turns out that our bank has a montreal branch, but that they can't help us because the branch in israel isn't an international one (like my mum's). and of course mine doesn't give me any way to contact them other than a non-personal fax :/

i suffered a surprise belly-ache yesterday that's lasted, initially accompanied by a massive headache, a sore throat and a cough. this is not the time, inferior biological organism! we have boston and border officials to encounter this weekend!!!

on an entirely unrelated note, i hate the office toilets. i absolutely abhor auto-flushing, the sensors activate arbitrarily and a lot of water gets wasted.

i left late after doing some serious wiki-ing, and hurriedly gobbled down some toast before rushing off with pg to hit the wall of awesome: what a pity real life accomplishments are mostly gradual, because i've concluded that my level is at least 5.8 and i don't *feel* like i'm in a montage :P

i don't know what the deal with all the extra static is, i'm shocking and shocked a ridiculous amount of times per day now. pg and i decided it was my synthetic sport shirt in particular*, and being shirtless was quite liberating. i always find that. barefoot too.

* hmm. now that i think about it, my polyester shirts might have something to do with it. i've asked pg to buy me some more cotton ones anyway.

the problem with the wall being open so late is that one can find oneself arriving home after midnight. after discovering that my protein consumption is woefully insufficient - i apparently need at least 100g per day - and scanning documents, it was almost 2am and i went to bed.


my stomache's still not good and i was a little snotty this morning, but the day started with relief that certified translators aren't too difficult to find and so far a day reviewing moonlighter's code is no less than pleasant.

ah! i was so busy with getting up and finding out about translations that checking my work mail slipped my mind: my contract should be ready for examination soon. while being informed of that, the boss let me know that i can expect a little extra something in my payslip this month - they seem to really appreciate my hanging around so long :)

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