Sunday, July 01, 2012

the gaming

firstly, it must be said that the steam / hero academy crossover is incredibly appealing!

secondly, my second zombie run was much better. what's really cool about it is the tracking (viewing maps etc. on the website post-run), but for some reason it only began to register the start of the mission halfway (although it was monitoring the time just fine :/), so i have this crazy diagonal line through buildings and a river for the first thirty minutes. i'm pretty certain that was when i unlocked my phone to monitor the distance of the fast-approaching zombies, because i wasn't sure if i was running towards them or away from them (it's actually pretty scary when all you have to go on are audio beeps).

thirdly, i've installed steam and the third installment of on the rain-slick precipice of darkness. i'm so far disappointed, but only because a technical glitch is making the cut-scenes bug out - otherwise, it's looking absolutely brilliant.

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