Thursday, June 21, 2012

through the haze

sunday night:

an evening with urchin and her friend (her boyfriend's sister) - they're a fun bunch, but they smoked upwind of me and so i had to take another shower when i returned home...



the start of the heat: for the impossibly hot summer we are just now beginning to receive, i would like to especially thank all those who drive cars when buses will do, and all those who leave their vehicles idling while parked.

monday's class had cake, but was mind-bogglingly boring. and off-topic. also, we had no speakers because i'd forgotten to return them to the professor :$

i spoke to ric, who'd somehow managed to forget his backpack filled with all his most important and somewhat irreplaceable documents at a bus stop. the word that springs to mind is loskop, but that's being kind. fortunately for him, later on in the day it was returned to him by some kindly soul - he is *so* fortunate it amazes me!

towards the end of the workday i was surprised to discover that the detail type label on iphone contacts is selectable! and customizable! i had no idea. not entirely intuitive, but reasonable once you know.

i went off to my aunt's aunt's place (she's an art teacher, with wonderful works on display) for a couple of hours of philosophizing and psychologizing, some family catch-up and the shock of coming into contact with a woman (my aunt's cousin) who truly believes in the secret. scary.

when i got home, pg and i watched more hellsing, i spoke to my mum, and continued with the french practice.



a rough, early wake-up - my last for the year! - for the final french review class (at the end of which i advertised duolingo, because i believe). i then went to work to get some important stuff done (design! almost complete) and set up remote desktop access through my ubuntu netbook. it's really nice that that works so smoothly ^_^

unfortunately, wake-on-lan isn't so simple to organize. at least the IT guy agrees with me that it's silly, economically and environmentally, to leave development machines running during non-work hours. it's not the first time i've told my boss that, but it was incentive to give him a little reminder...

it was a *hot* walk from the bus to pick up pg from campus, and head off to the mall for potential lunch with my aunt. my aunt no-showed, and we ate fairly decently.

we were on our way up the stairs to our apartment when i received an sms from a girl i'd been talking to earlier in the day; she was listed in my phone from a phone call last year which had left me clueless to her identity, and i'm much amused that i'd misheard her name and i can now make sense of the conversion we had back then :P

the rest of the afternoon can be described as sweet oblivion.

nystire came by for a visit, and we spent most of it arguing about different things. when he left, i was reminded of a feeling that i had when i was released from my service - pity for his co-workers, i'm not sure how they cope without me to translate :P

i pitched an idea i've had to him and he let me know about scratch - i now have cunning plans >D

rollerblading: good roll. and lots of harping on about working freelance. and why not working freelance and not employing freelancers doesn't make sense in the software industry.



i woke up early, but returned to bed for a blissful round two of dreamy laziness. then i walked to the dry cleaners to pick up my jacket, stopping for a chat with the owner of my favourite bookstore during which he introduced me to a couple of examples of his poetry, which is *really* good.

on my way to the bus this morning i ran into an old friend, and we stopped for a cup of coffee to discuss the state of the nation. then, after a long and short two hours at work preceded by a *real* half of a falafel, i went to catch the tail end of a psychoanalytical workshop.

the walk up to campus was deathly hot - i've decided that the huge sections of grass should be turned into small forest.

the workshop was weirdly german - a whole bunch of them came for it, and there was less than a handful of non-germans which i believe indicates that the workshop was held in the wrong country. the presentations were somewhat interesting.


it's been an odd week. a winding-down week. a hot week, but a not-as-difficult week. it's time for a *little* more french and then bed.

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