Monday, May 07, 2012

smoother start

my week began with a relaxed, easy french class. that was followed by a cancelled psychoanalysis session that made my morning.

i called orange to discover that the last representative had not delivered, but this one claims to have (great, now i'll have to check again next month). at least i know that aside from paying off my phone, i have no more contractual obligations and i can go somewhere else at whim.

it was a tough day at the office; microsoft's sql doesn't support the things we need and so i've had to rewrite tracts of stored procedure to strings that i then execute dynamically. the problem is that it leaves me without debugging or planning capabilities, and so everything i'm doing is based on vaguely hoping that all of the complex stuff that i've had to put together will somehow, magically work.

i left on an uncomfortable note, disappointing the boss by telling him that i'm unable to provide an accurate guess when i can't see where i am.

i came home in time to exchange unpleasantries with pg - she seemed to be in a mood - and then nystire arrived in time for pre-drinks-with-the-old-section coffee. we arrived at ilka at 7pm, which the sign outside proclaims as the beginning of their happy hour, and were informed that the bar would only be open from 7.30pm :/

which is when everyone else began to show up anyway.


it was an interesting evening, the worst of which was accepting the breakdown of my theory that improved public transport would reduce housing prices in the city. apparently the housing prices are ridiculously high all over the country, including the undesirable areas.

that makes me uncomfortable.


i came home early as part of a compromise; pg and i strapped on our blades and took off to traverse our park routes at high speed. it was a pleasant evening and fun exercise.

after showering, i began putting together a group that nystire and i had begun planning earlier (we want to start private martial arts training sessions in equipped gyms), made a few edits on my seminar paper and gave time estimates for all the outstanding tasks for work.

now i do believe it's time for bed. or reading myself to sleep: uncle tom's cabin is the text i need to read for tuesday, and it is a great read.

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