Thursday, April 04, 2013

thumping in the wrong places

i left work with a blinding headache that had been slowly building up as the day progressed. the first item on my agenda was to call the visa company and figure out whether pre-authorized payments would be a good idea. the woman i just spoke to for thirty five minutes talked in circles and contradicted herself, and when i told her she'd confused me she responded with "i have not confused you, you have confused yourself."

really. how very zen.

anyway, she made my headache worse.

i was still feeling pumped up and good this morning, but as the hours went by that feeling subsided into general stiffness and exhaustion. aota and our now-ex coo were paid a visit by their rabbi, and i was sent in to put on tefilin. he was very impressed that i knew my shit. he's a nice guy all-round and surprisingly sensible*, but i'm not sure if i'm ready to join his group of young jewish adults just yet...

* i was kinda shocked to hear him sharing opinions that i hold but wouldn't think to say to a rabbi out of respect. i'm well impressed.

the funny thing about the rabbi is that he seems to encourage members of his congregation to drink. aota was a bit drunk after her meeting with him, and i hope she was kidding about taking the opportunity to give the ceo notice :(

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