Monday, April 22, 2013

speaking in tongues

the excitement of the weekend: "the younger girl" from last weekend who invited us to her meetup? so it turns out she's not younger. on closer inspection i'd put her around five years my elder. it was halfway through our meeting today that i discovered that she's fifteen years my elder. well, i wasn't attracted to her anyway, but i guess that's a positive thing if we're going to have a professional relationship: she's an artist.
and she's totally excited about my comics! we spent four hours today discussing them, going over the material i've put together so far, and planning the next week. i really, really, really hope this goes the way we think it's going to!


the dark news: just as we were finishing up, yang called me and informed me that godmother's best friend's son has passed away. the kid was 22 and although it wasn't a surprise (cancer), what a nightmare :(

i don't know how quickly i can do this, but i want this post complete before i go to bed even if i am starting it at half past midnight and it's covering two days.


i watched the first couple of episodes of firefly (third time) and put myself to bed early; i'm not sure at what point my overactive imagination turned off and i slept, but suddenly it was morning and i was up and ready to do stuff.

i discovered that a cousin of mine has become engaged - it was only on checking out his facebook page that i realized that he's out of the closet as well. i guess i know why it hadn't been discussed in the family! i felt like such a gossip when i informed my mother.

the good news from her was hearing that she's finally in a good place with her new job :)

the not so good news is that my uncle's cancer is spreading. at least he's accepted his condition, but it's still a bummer and it can't be easy to have gone through so much of it. i hope he's at least comfortable.

i left to get a haircut and passed a flute player on my way down to the metro: he was awesome, but i walked past him so as not to miss my train. i regretted not stopping to drop him a dollar or two, and that regret was compounded with every minute that i stood waiting. i hoped to find him there later but by the time i returned he was gone; only memories of his haunting melodies mixed with the concrete echoes and the wind from the tunnels remained.

my haircut experience was pleasant and the guy did a decent job - it's been three years since someone experienced cut my hair and about a decade since i paid for a haircut: it's *weird* looking tidy.

i passed by walmart to pick up a skipping rope and i found a box of clif bars at a reasonable price! i'm so pleased :)

i headed off to the library for the meetup; it was two hours of debating the nature of reality with me defining reality in scientific terms in order to defend the spiritualists from the so-called "skeptic". why do i say "so-called"? because he's into scientism, and he's skeptical about every ideology except his own.


the weather has been weird and everyone at the library was commenting on it - the weirdest was yet to come! i walked to the metro in the post-rain warmth, and it actually began to snow. wtf?!?

godmother's cleaning lady came by to check out the apartment, pick up keys and let me know what she'd need, and she'll be starting on wednesday. that's quite a load off my mind!

i crashed while watching puss in boots in quebecois, and dragged myself off the couch to retrieve my laundry and go shopping. i read for a bit before passing out, then woke up at 3am to eat something and read that new zealand has become the 13th country to legalize same-sex marriage - good on them!


it was a slow and sunny morning, i headed off to the port and hopped from sunbeam to sunbeam in the 0° weather until i found the rollerblade shop. they informed me that they're no longer selling, and directed me to a place in lachine which is apparently the only decent option.


next weekend, i guess.

i entered chinatown for a disappointing meal, and walked past what i was sure was an anti-israel demonstration (white burkas with red headbands?) and into what appeared to be a protest related to global warming. related?

i had dinner with yang and my uncle, who was of a caring and friendly disposition tonight. yang dropped me off at home and i introduced him to firefly (my fourth time, and now i'm noticing nuances i'd missed previously), and hey! it's bedtime now.

this article on flatulence is an example of epic journalism. must read!

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