Thursday, March 15, 2012

almost nosebleed o'clock

today: exhausted. early four hour lacan notwithstanding, i came home early to try and make progress on my papers. the earlier bombshell didn't help. the talk with my mother and the mission to urchin's photography exhibit did, a little. acquiring tickets to the doof festival would have been a sweeter experience if an icy wind hadn't come up as i left the apartment, but hot soup in front of the tail end of asterix in britain righted that.

i don't know how much i've accomplished, only that i think i'm going to hand in the paper tomorrow in spite of it being sub-par. notice the singular: paper. reprieve! one of the papers is only due next week. still tough, but less so.

my head's splitting, my vision's swimming, and i don't feel so good. maybe it's the cupcakes.

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