Tuesday, March 25, 2014

grinding gears

the rest of sunday was entirely arbitrary, including watching the good wife and going to bed late. that was followed by my decided lack of a jump-start in the morning.

i found the guy i met on friday and got my resume through to him, and he's promised to hand it around to people he knows in the industry. very cool!

i finally completed reviewing that book. i felt mean by the end, and wrote as soothing a cover letter as i could. i felt such a relief at that being over!

i spent an inordinate amount of time completing the application form for the job i'm interviewing for; i have two weeks to prepare, which i think is plenty. i was expected a surprise "come in tomorrow" kind of thing.

i finally headed downtown to get my french results. i stood staring at the list, noting all my achievements... except for one score that was good, it was all close, but not close enough. i have a lot of work to do. so i guess that my next two weeks are now going to be focused on algorithms and programming AND french immersion.

it was a great time to head to the french conversation meetup! the place was packed and there was really only one seat for me. i took it, and tried to strike up a conversation but the two men nearest me weren't actually interested in hearing what i had to say. the one guy is a bit slow and doesn't listen, the other is an old kazakhstani who doesn't come for practice, but rather to learn french. so whoever he corners isn't practicing, but teaching basics. and he's boring. and he keeps interrupting if you try to talk or listen to anyone else. ignoring him doesn't seem to work. he spits a lot. at one stage he actually grabbed my arm while trying to make a point.

i left early, frustrated, and i'm not going back. fortunately i have friends i can converse with. maybe i'll find a stranger who wants to trade english for french like before. gods, it only takes one asshole to ruin your whole day :(

fortunately, boxing last night was excellent and put me in a good mood again!

i tried watching aurore, but in addition to the disc skipping i kept getting lost. maybe i'll try something else.

i couldn't finish dinner, and i suddenly felt exhausted before midnight and went straight to bed. i tried waking up early this morning, but no dice...

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