Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sliced 'n diced

allergies, i'm told? could it really be crazy quebec-specific allergies that are horribly worse than anywhere else? i don't know, so i bought some antihistamines and gave it a try. i'm not sure how much better they made me feel, and i'm fairly certain that what made my training okay was the massive energy drink i consumed before it. i believe in rockst*r!

work today was about onboarding the new head of qa (hooray!), fighting with stupidities of linux (security and cronjobs working together to make a mess), and being introduced to aota the facebook stalker (it's an amusing story that i won't discuss further).

i'm well proud of myself for coming up with something that two of my quebecois co-workers found funny. it was a random thought that struck me yesterday as i left the piknic:
the quebecois (and NSFW) version of mary poppins' "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is "super-câlisse-fragil-osti-expialidocious"

training was excellent, although my gloves are fitting strangely and i took some big hits during conditioning - one of which would have knocked me out in a real fight and made me want to throw up :(

i can't get the hang of the jump rope, by the way. it's driving me crazy. i'm either doing it completely wrong or i'm whipping my toes really hard.

while unwrapping, i was talking to one of the girls and discovered that she also took the last week off training and for the same reason! i wonder if it's "allergies", or if we just picked up a bug in the gym.

i jogged home through the rain, it was a monkey's wedding and although the sky above was cloudy the rest was clear and the sunset was magnificent - it was fantastic and magical!

slicing a thumb while preparing a salad is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as continuing to prepare the salad without using it :/

i've done a couple more online exams for the "knowledge exam" for the driver's license, and now i'm going to bed so that i can be up early enough to make my early-bird appointment at the dmv...

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