Sunday, October 28, 2012

link catchup

they turned out the lights in the train right before we entered the dark station platform, just in time to make it difficult for us to gather our belongings and extricate ourselves from the car. the baggage arrived on the carousel almost immediately, and so far the experience was 1 for 1 but pg and i both needed to use the bathrooms.

pg couldn't find the ladies (it was terribly marked), and the men's room's designed so that if you use a stall and somebody uses the urinal, you have to wait for them to finish. and the angles all over are such that it makes it very difficult to avoid brushing against fixtures and seats and things :(

the same metro turnstile that had frustrated me on leaving montreal was out of order on the way back :S

we made it home easily, planted our feet, had a decent dinner topped off with my aunt's astoundingly delicious chocolate-marshmallow brownies, and i've spent the rest of the evening / night catching up on a bunch of things i'd filed for "later". that includes sending an email to the landlord of one of the apartments that we liked.


garfunkel and oates - pregnant woman are smug made me smile. i don't know why.

22 hertz is a canadian band that sounds like it's made of trent reznor. on the one hand, why would anyone want to sound like anyone else? on the other, why wouldn't anyone want to sound like nine inch nails? it's actually good, although i'm not sold on the lyrics. they're a bit... direct.

good to know:

i'm a big fan of, and 5 ways your taste in music is scientifically programmed is one of those articles that i'm really glad i read to the end.

here's a government study that shows that a sense of cultural identity is important. it doesn't matter if it's "authentic" or not.

to summarize a couple of journalists' experiences with better place tech: it's not perfect, but it's already more than practical. as soon as any country gets off fossil fuels, it could set up the better place infrastructure and be ready to roll into a transportation revolution.

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Frances said...

That metro turnstile should be replaced with an optical turn stile soon.