Friday, April 27, 2012



housework, rest, a run, and gaming until late.


the run: it was the tail end of independence day in the park, and i was unfortunately not very surprised to see the piles of trash littering the park. a few families were still busy burning their meat, but the smell didn't really bother me too much as i huffed and puffed my way. on the way back, against the deepening, darkening sky, i saw a thick, tall plume of smoke up ahead. when i arrived, i saw that a trash can had caught alight (most likely from someone tossing dying embers from their grill). within twenty metres there must have been five families who hadn't appeared to notice, but what really bothered me was the family sitting directly opposite, no more than three metres away.

"don't you guys have water?" i shouted as i approached. i had neither water nor cellphone on me.

"it's not ours!" someone shouted at me.
"so what?" i replied, "it's a fire! in a park!"
"well, what do you want us to do about it?"
"throw some water on it!" i replied, exasperated.

did i really have to say it?



pg and i got up early to discover what dreadlocks would entail, and that led to a few hours spent milling all around south tel aviv on an absolutely charming day. it was highly enjoyable in spite of the crazy crowds in the areas i usually avoid, and in spite of the horrific hair reality check i suffered.

apparently hairdressers earn higher wages than i would if i was working full-time. what kind of society places that much value on hair-styles?! it turns out that while dreadlocks are, in the long term, far cheaper than any other kind of hairstyle, as much as i want them they're far too much of an investment to "try before i buy". especially if i might soon be seeking employment in a place with dress codes. [under normal circumstances i would reject any offer out of hand if it came with such a restriction, but i'm desperate enough to make sacrifices]

so for the meanwhile it's back to regular shampoo and conditioner. not because "no 'poo" smells or anything*, but it's definitely not as comfortable with long hair. different cares for different hairs, i suppose.

‎* it smells like hair. it's not unpleasant at all.


since the argument, sj had been on my mind aggravating me. this morning, i unfriended him on facebook [*GASP* the ultimate rejection]: because he's an arrogant jerk AND he's a fool. life's too short to keep creatures like that in mind.


i needed a nap when we got home, and lay down in front of exit through the gift shop. i've been meaning to see it for ages, and i did *not* see it going in the direction it did. i'm blown away by the experience of it all, from the excitement to the disappointment to the amusing self-aware irony of it all.

i spent a while dealing with work issues (that of course arose on a friday morning in the middle of a holiday), then finally got on the phone with co-worker to iron out the final requirements before we go alpha. if my employers and i hadn't been conspiring to keep me under such pressure, the entire project would have been rolled out in beta before november last year... oh, well. at least it's happening.


do privacy terms confuse you? here's google's vs. dropbox's

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