Thursday, February 05, 2009

peanut-butter marshmallows

here's the thing - someone needed to volunteer to organize a unit snack today, and the guys decided that i had the weirdest ideas. suddenly, marshmallows and peanut butter popped into my head (it's been years since i last did that), but unfortunately we couldn't get hold of enough peanut butter for the unit and they ended up with a peanut-butter snack instead.

three other people tried with the peanut butter i did have in supply, and were shocked and pleasantly surprised :)

today's just filled with good news:

a) in an attempt to learn my new team's paradigm i've decided to try out a matrix-style screensaver by creating a random function. this has turned out to be a real challenge and the guy who's teaching me is mostly as stumped as i am in how to manage it... and i appear to be making headway. nice!

b) my SC took me aside for an informal chat, and it was intriguingly fruitful. we have devised a method for discovering if it'll be worth my while to sign on (regardless of my personal dislike for the military) or be released based on a completely impartial and relevant body, and he's happy to help out.

and i got him interested in the project i was working on before i went on vacation.

c) i'm supplementing my diet with chocolate and that seems to be working out.

d) i have survived my first week back and it's actually fairly comfortable. now i'm going out to party.

e) MOO are sending me an orange card-holder because they sent me a pink one by mistake.

some of the news was neither here nor there:

a) the seller's lawyer wasn't contactable, so things might be postponed a week.

b) i still haven't finished my snow post :S

c) i'm having a good laugh that the guy we rescued towards the end of the course is now teaching the course - i wish i could see how this plays out!

and only one case of bad:

we got stuck in traffic this morning and my neck's out again after i nodded off at a bad angle.

penny arcade linkage:
grow tower is sweet
defense grid looks terrific

slightly sexist: this will probably make you feel better about yourself

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