Thursday, January 08, 2009

two days down

i love spending so much time fighting to access the internet :/

yesterday's post:

i performed my driving duties this morning, bought razorblades and watched stander - i adore thomas jane and the movie is brilliant!

i've been pondering the whole jip vs andy / dark side vs yoda / the conquest of inner space vs outer space thing, and have come to the conclusion that both sides of the argument are complementary in a male / female sense, and that a balance must be struck.

not so simple.


okay, i admit defeat - it's been obvious that the angel's not keen but i've been trying anyway :(

i watched a third of pearl harbour (not realizing what a ridiculously long movie it is) and then my sister arrived for coffee.
she's composed an email to the entire family concerning our idiot brother in an attempt to be able to reconnect with them. we share the same problem in confronting him - he's an advocate and way better with arguments than we are.

i picked up my mother from work, we bought my brother's kids gift vouchers at the waterfront, i learned how to use the disc-changer and we arrived at my cousin's place only an hour late.

it wasn't as bad as we expected - my brother's an asshole but he's not a bad guy, and i find it interesting that he's a big fan of dawkins and we actually had a lot of stuff to talk about. it was a bit weird, but nice anyway, to see his ex-wife, and the screwed-up son was careful not to make any bold, stupid statements that he couldn't back away from - which is a vast improvement.

the food was really good. my mother and i left around 10pm, and i dropped her off at home and parked the car outside protoplasm's place - from there we went to roots.

the typical roots experience: not too many people, of those the majority being quite alternative. not last night. last night was packed with kiddies, quite a lot of them underage, and most of them full of shit and bringing with them a bad vibe (not unlike arsim). in fact, some schmuck actually slapped the back of my head as i walked past, but he chilled out when i turned around to deal with him.

their was one very talented young girl who spent an hour or so dancing with us, and i'm a bit disappointed that i didn't register when she was leaving because after we'd managed to establish rapport i would've liked to take her number as well.

at least the music towards the end was solid, a lot of the night the party was very gallery-ish (hard house with trancy overlays - in this case is was good trance but with too much bass) and the only thing missing was tubs of tiger-balm :S

i had to have a cup of coffee in order to drive home, got into bed around 4.30am, and woke up this morning to discover that my mum had left without me. buggrit.

i'm waiting for my brother and cousin to get back to me, we're supposed to be going down to the fields so they can teach me to ride a motorcycle - yay!

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