Friday, August 11, 2017

lost time

has it been an hour? i've been trying to concentrate on an interesting problem at work, but my son's been crying for me, and for his mommy, and we've been through holding, me singing to him, formula, him cry-singing to himself, and while i've been out of his room for more than five minutes now i still feel like i might be recalled at any moment :/

tuesday 8th:

a good grind until 2.45am

up at 4.30am for ten minutes of the most annoying sound in the world

up at 7.30am for luna petunia (okay, i guess) and the spongebob movie: sponge out of water (genius), dropping mr smear off and hiding in the bushes to make sure he let go of his teacher before returning home to find the window workers as insulted by the state of our windows as we are ("tell your landlord he should come here and spend a cold night behind these things himself"), signing off on a good job and settling in to work, then running through gd's course material for the day before dropping her off at the acupuncturist

reading and falling asleep for a few minutes in the car, picking up mr smear and letting him play a little before taking him to pick up his mother - he was super busy playing with everyone at the practice, and i've been diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury in my left wrist and forearm - then coming home to nap for a bit

waking up too soon and groggy but ravenous (avo toast and ramen ftw!), an afternoon alternating between a naughty boy and a naughty laptop while trying to get some work done

mr smear's iron poop and an early shower (i suspect the iron supplement makes it magnetic too, but i'm not interested enough to test my hypothesis)

the usual last minute rush to leave, dropping gd off and returning home to finish heating the pies and learn that they were both pepper steak which mr smear isn't interested in, read a couple of books and realize that he was in pyjamas that were cooking him; brushing teeth and bed prep and getting him to sleep a little before 8pm

a beer and battlestar galactica, gd coming home and making me realize that i'd basically put mr smear to bed without supper and forgotten the stuff in the fridge - THAT was a shit feeling - working a little then going to bed early

wednesday 9th:

one waking in the night but otherwise sleeping well until regular alarm time, beginning the public holiday with the spongebob squarepants movie again (because it's brilliant, did i mention that?), the shock of finding a wedding invitation from a friend in my inbox that i somehow missed... in 2010... leaving verrrry slowly for the gym

losing patience with the crèche after twenty minutes watching the carer not care or show any understanding of how to engage with small children

taking mr smear to the park on a busy day, then picking up gd and parking in the golden acre parkade only to turn around and see mr smear fast asleep with half a biscuit in his hand, turning around and going to my mom's coffee shop (picking up veganized wraps from pulp kitchen along the way)

a great tea and incredible wraps, heading home so that gd could shower while i built a lego tower looking after mr smear, verrry slowly leaving for canal walk where we bought a new microwave to replace our out-of-warranty rattler, then hit tong lok for dinner before returning home to feed mr smear some more, shower him and prep him for bed

my wrist getting progressively worse

starting to watch aquarius which looks really interesting, interrupted by a differently interesting dev meeting; carrying up the microwave in the cape town winter air that i remember from my teens, a little texas hold'em (doubling my entirely virtual money in just a few hands)

thursday 10th:

rhyme compilation and work

going to bed around 2am, strange dreams but mostly sleeping until alarm time, waking up really tired with mr smear needy and refusing anyone but me; a dramatic goodbye in class making me certain i'd need to go back for him, dropping gd off at the gym and napping for half an hour before rushing off to pick up gd, pick up mr smear (and catch the class fighting over his lunch), rush through traffic to the pediatrician, be proud of our son's evaluation (advanced motor, identification and language skills), introduce a recently diagnosed osteoporosis sufferer to science-based nutrition (after learning that gd had lectured a couple of people at the gym), race back home to put mr smear to bed and pass out myself (feeling wiped out, almost certainly not sick but as tired as if i was)

waking up to gd panicking about getting to her class on time, heading out to checkers and picking up most of what we needed and coming home and showering mr smear and feeding him and handing him over to my mom; a freezing, wet evening, an interesting but extremely low-level hebrew lesson followed by an engaging talk by a rabbi from brooklyn about jews and civil disobedience, coming home to shovel food into my mouth and slug down a cup of coffee before another dev meeting (it sounds like my project's going to be activated sooner than expected, which is great news), play a few hands of poker (i'm becoming more consistent) and then...

friday 11th:

... and now back to work...

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