Saturday, May 09, 2015

big links

there've been quite a few awesome things going around lately...

outgrowing pornography: intriguing stuff: i love that there's also reference to the kind of softporn we're flooded with through regular advertising.

3D-printed ultrasound? WIN.

gd sent me this link to an article with a bunch of highly entertaining and useful portmanteaus.

nick cave in dr. seuss form!

what was that? taxing the rich fairly doesn't result in the wholesale destruction of civilization? i'm shocked.

philosoraptor ftw. i don't care if it's an old one.

omg the tesla battery: elon musk has produced something amazingly awesome as usual! why people should care.

from snopes:

nope, it's not a suicide bear.

nope, poop-beard is not a thing.

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